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RVa Tile – The best tile contractor in the Richmond area.  No job too big or too small.  Our Richmond Virginia based operation covers all facets of tile work.  Call us at 804-455-8219 for a free quote.

Additionally, we understand the importance of good communication, which sadly is lacking in the contractor industry.  We will return your calls promptly, carefully coordinate scheduling, and follow up.  We are confident you will be very satisfied with our service.

Who is RVA Tile?

Tile is one of the most durable products in the construction industry with an all-time high demand. The adaptability and resilience of tile make it popular among homeowners and commercial property owners. This article explores various types of tiles that are economically great and adaptable to just any environmental condition. Anyone looking for tips on choosing the best tile will also find this guide invaluable. After perusing our site, you will have a much better understanding of  the pros and cons of using tile.  Here are the reasons to love tile.

What are the Benefits of Tile?

Every homeowner desires the best flooring material to match their interior décor. From carpet to wood flooring to stone and concrete, there are countless flooring options in the market. But the qualities of tile outweigh these alternatives. And what exactly are these benefits?

Great Value for Budget

Tiles are some of the most cost-effective flooring options in the market. The patterns, textures, and colors help to create a unique look. The versatility and longevity of the material make it an economical choice for commercial flooring. Ceramic tile, for instance, is probably the cheapest designs that require little installation cost. Plus, the maintenance requirement is very minimal. Most homeowners can attest that high-end tiling is worth every penny. But it depends on the exact type of tile that has been used. This post will discuss more details on the types of tile shortly.

Zero Contaminants

Tile is highly recommended to households with sensitivity or allergy issues such as dust mites, mold, and disease-causing microorganisms. This is because the material is hypoallergenic. The use of kilns at very high temperatures during the manufacturing process eliminates volatile organic compounds or VOCs.  These compounds are associated with many health and allergy issues. Some materials like carpet and vinyl contain a small VOC percentage, but most cannot compare to tile.

Long Life Span

Durability is a major reason homeowners choose tile over other forms of flooring. Tile has a low replacement cost since it is hard to scratch, unlike more fragile coverings such as wood and vinyl. Porcelain tiles are designed to be impact resistant by incorporating dense clay through a firing process that makes it tougher than granite. Heavy objects falling on the tile can crack it, so this is something to be aware of.   Tile is not affected by heat, so there is no need for  potholders or cutting boards tin kitchens.  As long as the tile installation is done properly, the tile can last a lifetime.  Additionally, tile is stain and water resistant making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.  

Kind to Mother Nature

Tile is a green material that any environmentalist would be proud to have. As mentioned above, they do not emit VOCs and are made from natural raw materials such as sand, glass, and clay. As such, the production of tile does not deplete natural resources. Plus, longevity guarantees fewer disposals. Some companies recycle glass tiles to reduce landfills. There’s also an environmental benefit of having tiles in the house during a hot season. They reduce the energy needed to cool down a room, thereby cutting electric bills. Tile can be a form of insulation in warm climates, helping to keep the house cooler in the summer.  Additionally, the maintenance of tiled surfaces requires very little use of cleaning detergents and chemicals. This translates to virtually no environmental impact.

Impervious to Moisture

There is a protective layer in ceramic tiles surface that makes them non-porous. Tile in bathrooms has become extremely popular largely due to this characteristic. Resistance to humid conditions also makes tile ideal for outdoor patios.


With an abundance of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, homeowners have found they look good in most any room. Styles range from ultra-modern to rustic to traditional. They are also available in different textures and shapes that make it easy for design creativity on any floor inside or outside a building.

Contact us at 804-455-8219 and one of our tile specialists will be glad to help you determine the best options and costs.

How Do You Choose the Right Tile?

The functionality and appearance are the most important considerations when choosing the right tile. Natural stone tiles and unglazed designs are the best for longevity and high-traffic areas. Our designers can give you the best options for tile installation in your particular environment.  A professional knows the best tile for particular situations. Other points to consider are as follows.

  • Water Resistance

Wet areas like the bathroom require water-resistant tiling. Unglazed tiles tend to be very porous and so they do not work well in rooms where spillage is common. Glazing provides a water repellent cover that is suitable for any environmental condition. It would also be wise to seal the tile grout to make it even more waterproof. 

  • Hygiene and Safety

Apart from external beauty, a good surface should promote a healthy, safe, and hygienic environment. A flame-resistant tile promotes safety around the fireplace and cook area. For the ultimate safety, a kitchen tile must not emit dangerous chemicals or absorb odors. It must also be heat-resistant, so it doesn’t swell when the temperatures reach extreme limits. Lastly, for hygiene purposes, the best tile is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Slip Resistance

Slippery surfaces are the culprits of many indoor accidents.  Picking slip-resistant flooring materials is the best way to reduce such incidences. Before purchasing tile for outdoor purposes, it is imperative to determine whether it is safe to walk on. Not all types are slip-resistant, but it is possible to treat them to improve the texture. The tile dealer will be glad to help with this modification. Tile flooring that goes to the kitchen and bathroom must be tested for slip resistance. The standard measure for this quality is DCOF or dynamic coefficient of friction. Interior tile flooring requires a minimum of .42, while outdoor floors should have at least.60 DCOF.

  • The Application Area

Kitchen tiles don’t have to be glazed, but they need to be scratch-resistant. Using a tile as a cutting board is a very wrong move, but this doesn’t mean that the tile should be fragile. Durability is key if at all there is cookware to be placed on top. If the tile is going to extend to the wall, chances are it will not be highly abused. In that case, hand-painted mosaic tiles would make perfect decors.

  • Installation

Some forms of tile can be very tricky to install. Do it yourself tile installation is not recommended, but one can use online guides with easy-to-follow instructions. But it is best to hire an expert builder for this job.

  • Color

The shade of tiles has a big influence on the entire look of the target space. Selecting the right color requires some expert design hacks. For example, natural stone is the safest bet for a space that needs a relaxed mood.  Some of the best tile colors to achieve a calm ambiance include beige and cream. On the other hand, dark-colored styles are perfect for adding a dramatic feel e.g., black and dark grey hues. These are also ideal options for busy areas since the shades can hide dirt. Bright colors like white make smaller spaces look bigger, but they are not easy to maintain. Yet, dark colors can make space feel smaller or dull yet demand low maintenance. All in all, the choice of color depends on the user’s preferences and what kind of effect they want to bring.

  • Size and Shape

The tile size depends on the overall impact that the consumer desires to have in their space. Bigger tiles can give an illusion of more space. Small mosaic tiles are good for designing areas that are not perfectly straight. The shape is equally important. Square tiles are very common in contemporary homes, but irregularly shaped tiles are good for a period property. Rectangular tiles can widen a narrow room when installed across the narrowest section. In case of any doubt, it is good to follow this rule of thumb to maintain the right proportion: bigger tile sizes on the floor and smaller sizes for the wall. The opposite

  • Cost vs. Durability

Whether the new tiling is for remodeling or new house construction, it all comes down to the buyer’s budget. Ceramics are very affordable, but porcelain is relatively more expensive but more durable. If it is a short-term repair project, ceramics would be an ideal choice. But when the flooring’s longevity is at stake, it is better off to go for porcelain tile.

For a complete list of all your options, give us a call at 804-455-8219 and we will have a look at your job and give you a free quote

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If you are looking for a professional who focuses only on tile and knows how to do it right, look no further than RVA Tile.  We have been in the business for decades and know all there is to know about the right and wrong way to do tile work.  We are locally owned and operated, not a franchise.  We take great pride in every single job we do and want nothing more than the complete satisfaction of all our customers.

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