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Tile Pros and Cons - RVA Tile

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Tile Pros and Cons

As with all types of flooring, tile has some pros and cons you should be aware of before selecting it for your floors.  We will go through some of the most common ones.


  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Due to their durable make, tiles do not require a lot of maintenance. They demand simple cleaning procedures after getting dirty. There is no need for harsh detergents, powders, or chemical cleaners. Property owners should seal certain types like cement tiles every 4 to 5 years. That aside, there isn’t much to worry about keeping the surface in good shape. So, installation of tile means simple maintenance for decades to come. The ease of cleaning tiles makes it harder for germs to linger. This is a great benefit in cafeterias and hotels that serve the public.

  • Greater Versatility

The many styles and colors of tile allow for great versatility when it comes to interior designing. Tiling is not only good for indoor spaces but outdoor areas as well. Varieties such as natural stone and porcelain are usually preferred for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Most people opt for tiles in outdoor patios because they can resist freezing, fading, and cracking.

  • Adaptability to Multiple Environments

The advantage of glazed ceramic and natural tiles is high resistance to stain and water seepage. They also exhibit less water absorption compared to peel-and-stick flooring alternatives. The waterproof nature of the tile makes it suitable for wet areas. When liquids get on tile, they rest without seeping  A normal cleaner can wipe off minor stains without causing any damage. The hardiness also means they can withstand high heat. Moist environments have a lot to benefit from tiles. Stain and water-resistance are critical in the kitchen and bathrooms. Most tiles can resist high humidity, so homeowners don’t have to worry about their floors getting muggy during summer.

  • Hardiness

The toughness of natural tile flooring makes it hard to crack. With quality installation and good maintenance, the floor can last almost three decades. Another merit is that tile is very easy to replace after cracking. This means a low cost of repair in the long run.

  • Affordability

Most people can afford tile flooring. The overall cost is calculated per square foot, so it depends on the total surface area. The low traffic sections like edges and corners can have cheaper tiles hence saving the budget. While it is more expensive than carpeting, tile is cheaper than hardwood floors. Depending on the appearance and quality of installation, tiling can improve the value of real estate.

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Bathtub in the modern interior


  • Uncomfortable to stand on

Unfortunately, the hard nature of most tiles makes it hard to step on barefoot. It is not possible to soften some materials like ceramics and porcelain with padded underlays. Unless people put on comfortable footwear, they may slip off when walking. Standing on the tile for longer periods can also bring discomforts. The hardiness is still a liability in cook areas where fragile things are likely to fall. Glasses and earthenware dishware easily break against hard tiles if they drop. Again, hard tiles could be problematic in households with small children prone to tripping and falling off. The best way to offset this hardiness is by using area rugs and fabric carpets in strategic areas.

  • Coldness

Most tiled surfaces can withstand heat fairly well, but they get too cold during winter. One of the reasons tiles get cold in winter is their high thermal conductivity of the materials. This is a huge discomfort, especially for people who have arthritis. The condition gets worse very early in the morning when stepping on tile flooring barefoot. In-floor heating, electric mats, or radiant heating should be used to combat coldness.

  • Grout Lines Are Susceptible to Moisture

This is a disadvantage of unglazed tiles. Unless they are sealed and protected from moisture, their grout lines will always absorb liquids. The problem with liquid absorption is that it ends up tarnishing the good looks of a tiled floor. Water also weakens the foundation of a tile and puts them at the risk of developing mold, which can be a costly and health-threatening issue. 

  • Labor-Intensive Application

The installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles can be daunting. They are not a DIY project like vinyl and laminate flooring. A layer of new of pre-existing cement is a must during the installation. Heavy types like ceramic require very strong framing to prevent any chance of cracking. Then they are glued with a special adhesive before the joints are filled with grout. Amateurs should not try to install tile by themselves because it takes expert skills to determine the right type of tile. Homeowners should leave special designs like Saltillo, natural clay, and polished stone to experienced contractors.

The points above are fundamental to choosing tiles. This flooring material has withstood the test of time with over 6000 years of application. The stylistic differences come about in the way materials have been processed to produce unique features. Both business people and homeowners can benefit from tiling. No one should take the installation lightly. Unless you have a lot of experience installing tile, hiring a professional installer is the best option for insuring many years of enjoyment out of your new tile.